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With our specialisation on medical cannabis products, our focus lies not just with supplying our pharmacy customers, but also on the educating of prescription-issuers and users with the clear aim of improving the quality of life for patients.



bava medical GmbH is an innovative pharmaceutical services company from the heart of lower Bavaria.

From the provision aspect, our stated objective is to provide high-quality cannabis products of the best quality and grade.

In these changing times, the demands on the providing companies are constantly growing. In this context, apart from our being suppliers, we are experts in the field of medical aids and actively help to develop new and innovative dosage forms.

In this way, and by means of this innovative treatment option, we want to help to ensure the medical care of patients and to support the therapeutic objectives of doctors and pharmacists in the best possible way.

Our values are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy which is distinguished by reliability, honesty, as well as integrity and respect towards our employees, business partners and our customers. With our passion and endeavours, we ensure that the world becomes that bit healthier day by day.


Physicians and chemists

Physicians and chemists will find a password-protected section with detailed information in our main menu.

Please contact us via email at to obtain your personal access data.


AMG regulates that advertising for narcotics as pharmaceutical means is not permitted. We are not allowed to provide the public with further information. This information is available for physicians and chemists in our password-protected section.



Bavamedical specialises in high quality medical cannabis products. We provided detailed information regarding our product range to chemists and physician in our password-protected section.

Please contact us via email at to obtain your personal access data.




Today, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is applied in many countries as a means to treat loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and vomiting in connection with chemotherapy as well as chronic neuropathic pain.



bava medical GmbH 
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